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An Interview with Dave Dwyer - Use Video to Grow Your Business

We recently caught up with Dave Dwyer, the founder and video producer for Brisbane based video production outfit Dave Dwyer Video.

Dave Dwyer Video has fast become a reputable brand for elegant, thought-provoking and inspiring video and photography services for South East Queensland businesses, evident through a range of positive feedback and high quality end products.

Dave took some time out of his busy schedule to have a chat to us about how video production can boost your small to medium sized business to the next level, helping to increase trust, brand awareness and ultimately more sales... Here's what he had to say!

"What inspired you to get in to video and photography?"

I evolved into video and photography rather than consciously deciding to get into it. Back in the day I remember being very impressed with a Sony Handicam that I purchased to film my sisters wedding with. I had such a great time capturing and editing the footage to DVD. My sister was impressed with the results too! From there I took my video camera everywhere. I love the creative process involved with video production, from camera operation to editing. I enjoy being a story teller.

"How would you describe your video and photography style?"

Laid back and easy going, yet professional and genuine. My focus is to produce videos that are engaging and emotional. I encourage people to be themselves on camera and work with them to ensure this happens in a fun, relaxed environment.

"Why should businesses consider making promotional videos?"

An online promo video will create awareness and/or a better understanding of your products/services. A well produced video can serve as a valuable tool to generate more leads and increase your customer base. Online video is the perfect medium through which to communicate to your customers because they can watch your video literally anywhere and anytime. Online video can be watched on your website, on your YouTube channel and shared across your social media. Share your video on your Facebook page and tweet links to your followers. People love to watch videos and they will watch your promo video before they 'read' anything about your competitors. A well produced video will raise your business profile online and help establish your brand above the others.

Dave Dyer Video Production

Professionally produced promo videos will bring you new leads and improved customer engagement. Marketing your business with online video is a must have strategy for those seeking to stand out from the competition, raise brand awareness and improve their SEO.

"What's involved in putting a promotional video together?"

The backbone of your promotional video is the script. Think about what makes you different from other businesses. When were you established? What areas do you cover? What are the most commonly asked questions from your customers? Once you have identified your key messages, we brainstorm the best ways to visually support these messages and create shot lists. There are a variety of production techniques also available such as time-lapse sequences and slow motion. You can present to camera or we can use a voice-over. Include all of your branding and logos and don't forget a call to action.

"Tell us about a promotional video that you were really proud of?"

A shameless plug here - I am really proud of my promotional video. It's not often I appear in front of the camera!

Mt Warren Park Golf Club - This is a great example of how a promo video can be produced quickly and easily. Jared had made a few notes about what he'd like to say on camera. We recorded his notes as a voice-over then we recorded a piece to camera for the introduction. I filmed a variety of shots around the club before asking Jared to say a few words for the outro. A very quick production with a 48 hour turn around. Perfect for the website and Facebook page!

Gympie Wide Bay Motorcycles (yellow pages client) - A 40 second business promo video presented by the business owner.

Metro Steel (Yellow Pages client) - A great example of a 40 second business promo video consisting of a variety of shots taken on location supported with a voice-over.

"What are the biggest challenges in producing a promotional video?"

One of the things I love about video production is every project is different and challenges keep me on my toes. For example, ensuring no wind noise is recorded when shooting interviews on a windy day. Filming in factories can also be difficult when I'm required to wear safety gear such as hard hats and safety goggles! But the most important challenge is to ensure my videos exceed my clients expectations each and every time.

"Any other tips or advice for business owners?"

Don't stop at just one video! The best way to dominate online search results and stand out from your competitors is to produce video content regularly. I highly recommend monthly videos at least! Update your customers with upcoming specials or deals. How about a series of videos that address your most frequently asked questions? How about small tutorials on how to use your products? A customer testimonial is always good! The key is to produce valuable content for your target audience and publish it regularly. Doing this will help to establish you as an expert in your field, raise your brand awareness and fully engage your customers.

Interested in talking to Dave about video production for your business?

You can contact him directly through his website: www.davedwyervideo.com.au

Or you can contact him through ActiveSite by going to the page Gold Coast Promotional Video

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